Chiara & Marco

Roma, Fortezza Capitolina
Gift: 400 €

You are all invited to celebrate our wedding event in Capitolina fortress, sited in a century park nearby the city entrance of Rome!

During the event you are all invited to share with us our special day, carry with you all your happiness and will to have fun. There will be about 120 guests, all friendly and easy going guys with the desire to start the celebration and the party as well.

You will be guided by our wedding ambassador who will asssist you for all wedding phases and will let you appreciate all the different attractions. Indeed you have the chance to visit the main important areas of the historical building, taste awesome local dishes, and take part to fireworks and rare cocktails tasting made by selected barman.
Finally let's dance togheter with music selected by our deejay.

We are convinced that Coweddy is a new lovely chance to organize a wedding event, where people can share happiness and local culture.

Chiara e Marco

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