Giulia & Marco

Verona, Castle in Verona landscape
Gift: 300 €

For celebrate our wedding, we tried to find a location in attempt to be able to recall the traditional weddings as once, like inside a fable.
For doing that we discover a special castle in the landscape of Verona, which hosts for a long time outstanding wedding events.
The castle was built in the 1300 by Guglielmo I Bevilacqua and it is a frame of charm where the wedding's banquets are organized in fashionable internal and external areas.

To the event will take part about 180 guest, most of them from 24 to 30 years old. They are all friendly and easy going persons.

The event will be composed of 3 main parts:
the ceremony in the wonderful basilic of San Zeno;
the aperitif in the garden outside the Castle, in a huge park where will be possible to taste flavoured buffet and appertize;
at last the dinner inside the dedicated dinner rooms, with the cutting of the wedding cake and festivities in the dancing room.

The menu will be lead to experts chef who take part of the cooking staff. Each dishes will be prepared with selected ingredients, ensuring respect of traditional cuisine and at the same time a fashionable presentation.

The event will be plenty of happines hoping that all our guests can enjoy and live an unforgettable day.
We are waiting for you!!

Giulia e Marco

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