Coweddy is an online platform where tourists and travelers (Cowedders) can attend the weddings organized by couples who are about to get married.

Why should I host travelers in my wedding?

Coweddy is a fantastic and concrete way to support your wedding expenses, sharing your wedding time experience with other open minded and respectful people.

What is the right Gift to require?

The Gift ? a financial contribution - has to be enough to support all the invitation expenses. In addition you can increase the price with a symbolic contribution for a better result of your wedding ceremony. In according with the Wedding Ambassador assignment you can decide to include in the Gift amount other services (I,e, transportation of the Cowedders).

Who is the Wedding Ambassador?

The Wedding Ambassador is a person chosen by the couple who will support the Cowedders before and during the wedding time. Usually we suggest appointing a trustable friend who can speak English at least a little.

Why is the Wedding Ambassador important?

The Wedding Ambassador has the role to lead the Cowedders during the wedding day but even before the event, giving advices to them about every question they need. For example he will suggest for the right place and time Cowedders have to gather or about the proper transportation they could take for reaching the location.

How to check your Cowedder

The Wedding Ambassador, or anyone else, has the role to check the Cowedders at the beginning of wedding day. In fact they have to exhibit their ID card or passport added to their personal invitation email received.

How to make a clear presentation of my wedding?

In your wedding post we recommend you to make a description of each different part of the day event. From the ceremony through the spirits to the lunch or dinner time, finishing for example with the cake cutting or dancing time. Give a particular attention to the description of the location. Posting great real pictures about the location or the food or whatever, is a good advice. Finally you can describe some details, like variety meals you are going to taste and so on.

Can I refuse a traveler request?

Usually the weeding is a private, sensible and personal affair, so the free will of the couples has to be respected. For this reason, the choice to accept or not a traveler is in according with the personal sensation of the couples.


What's new in Coweddy?

On Coweddy.com travelers (Cowedders) can find various real traditional weddings and decide to take part of them by giving a financial contribution (Gift). We select personally the weddings, making sure that the couples have the requirements to host Cowedders, and we allow them to embrace this unique event full of fun and happiness, directly living the purest hospitality experience.

What is the Gift and what does it include?

At first, let's say that a well-organized Italian wedding is very expensive. The Gift is a symbolic contribution which helps the couple to better organize the wedding event and includes all the services listed in the wedding announce. Usually, the Gift does not include transport and accommodation.

Is Coweddy.com for you?

Coweddy is for everyone. Whether you are young or old, single or married, with or without kids, traveling with your family or with friends, international or Italian, Coweddy is for you. Coweddy is for living open mind weekend. The important thing is that you want to explore the world in a new way and you are looking for unique experiences.

Why should I participate to an Italian wedding?

What's more authentic than a wedding event? What's more typical than a wedding ceremony? Wedding are the most local typical representation, especially in Italy where you will welcome as mediterranean people use to do.

Who will give me more details about the wedding?

Once you have booked your wedding event you will be receive The Wedding Ambassador contacts. The Wedding Ambassador is a person chosen by the couple. Usually is a trustable friend or a parent. He has the role to lead the Cowedders during the wedding day, answering about all your questions. Of course he will provide for all the informations related to reach the location, what are the best transportations, where is the gather area/location, or how the event will develop during the day and so on. He will be your personal reference.

How does the booking process work?

The Cowedder selects the wedding he is interested to join and fill out our short booking form. Once he pays the participation gift, he will receive all the wedding details (exact date and location, Wedding Ambassador contact,etc.). By the way, considering that wedding is a personal affair, the couple has the right to accepting or not the request in 48 hours. Anyway just in case the couple accepts your participation request, you can proceed with the payment process.

Is the booking participation personal?

The Cowedder can book as many tickets as he desires, but he has to fill out the booking form with all the data of the persons who will participate to the wedding. In fact he will receive different invitation email with different names in according with participants identity. The Cowedder has to exhibit their ID card or passport with their personal invitation email at the beginning of wedding day.

What does it happen if the wedding is cancelled?

Weddings are organized long time in advance, so it is highly unlikely that a wedding is cancelled. However, in that case, the traveler is entitled to full refund of the ticket price.

What does it happen if you cannot attend the wedding?

The weddings need long time to be well prepared, for this reason to allow a full cancellation is only accepted until 30 days prior the event. In case of no show up without any prior notification, the full ticket price will be taken from the buyer's account. No further penalty charges are applied.Please refer to terms and conditions page to have more information about it.

Is there a mandatory dress code?

Usually, Italian weddings need an elegant dress code, but we encourage you to talk with the wedding ambassador in advance.

How can I get to the wedding location and where can I stay for the night?

We have already engaged a selection of travel partners which can help you offering a valuable solution and if you would like to get in touch with them just let us know!