How Coweddy works

Coweddy is an online platform which allows couples who are about to get married to extend the invitation wedding list to the Cowedders. The Cowedder is a national or international guest who has the chance to participate to specific wedding events supporting the couple with an economical Gift.The first step for the Couple is the Login, where they have to fill up some general information about the wedding, a brief description of the event, date, city and location, and other useful details for the Cowedders.

The Cowedders

Coweddy's aim is to push local and international cultures together through a wedding event experience. Becoming a Cowedder, the travelers, backpackers, tourists or businessmen have the possibility to live a unique typical experience sharing amazing moments of genuine happiness.Just a user make the login he becomes a Cowedder. As a Cowedder you can visit and choose the event you prefer to attend according to your availability, date and location preferences, Gift amount and feeling with the couple.

The Wedding Ambassador

The couple is recommended to indicate the references of a trustworthy friend or relative who will be the Wedding Ambassador and the reference for the Cowedders. He/She will get in touch with the Cowedders who has already applied for the event before and during the wedding day and give any kind of answer and suggestions to the Cowedders about the event. The Wedding Ambassador is not bound to give them a lift to the location, but he/she can indicate solutions about how to reach it. The Wedding Ambassador's references will be provided to the Cowedders once they have applied for the wedding event.

Cowedders check in

On the wedding day, the Cowedders will be welcomed and identified by the Wedding Ambassador. By checking the Cowedders ID card or passport added to the email confirmation.

Terms of acceptance

Once the couples receive the participation request from the Cowedder, they have 48 hour to accept it. If the couples don't accept the request in time, the request is considered automatically refused. If the participation request is accepted by the couple, the Cowedder can proceed with the payment of the Gift amount. Coweddy platform will hold the Gift until the conclusion of the event. The Gift amount will be transfer to the couples bank account once the event is over.


The Gift is an economic support that is going to help the couples to better organize the wedding event. The Gift amount will be held by Coweddy's platform until the conclusion of the event. The Gift amount will be transferred to the couples bank account once the event is over.

Gift Refund conditions

Coweddy reserves the right to refund the entire sum to Cowedders. The Gift amount is going to be full refund by Coweddy platform in case that the event has been cancelled or has been really different from the wedding event posted on Coweddy's platform.For more details on other Gift refund Coweddy invites you to read the Terms and conditions section.

Service Delivery conditions

Coweddy charges 20% of the Gift amount as organization costs commission after expenses of money transfer and bank charges.